how to start a Cafe in India? Tips and tricks To save Money in 2019


Dreaming to start a Cafe, it’s not that easy as it sounds but your efforts can make it possible. If you have to bring your brand to the market then you have to think something unique. Here are some factors you have to think about before starting your Cafe. 


We should survey for months to find a perfect location. Your Cafe should be in a popular area where you’ll have a good crowd so that your business will run successfully. It’s good even if u get a small area in prime location than getting a big area on the outskirts of the city. Your Cafe should be easily visible. You should also have NOC from 3 neighboring shops. 


Obviously money is most important in any start-up business. You should have money in hand if you are planning to start your Cafe so that you don’t have to rush here and there to arrange funds. You can even ask your friends or relatives to be your investor or partner. There are some sources from where we can get funds like self-funding, a loan from the bank, angel funding. 


We say the time it means most of your time. You have to devote most of the time to your Cafe until your Cafe gets to the next level. 


Licenses are important to start any food business. Here are some of the licenses that are needed for your Cafe.

1)       FSSAI License

2)       Liquor license

3)       Health and trade license

4)       GST registration

5)       Fire NOC

6)       Lift clearance

7)       music license

8)       Nagar Nigam license, water license, etc. 


It’s trendy that people like to take selfies any place they like. So you think something unique. Something, where people can relax, would like to spend more time. So you should have a good concept, some colour themes, soothing lighting and also the furniture which is comfortable. These things will attract all types of customers. 


Be creative to your customer. Keep on adding something new on your menu but at a reasonable price. The menu should include items that can be prepared quickly. Try to use local and seasonal ingredients. Once in a while, you can invite guest chefs who can surprise you and your customers. There should be flexibility in your menu. E.g. ask if your customer wants low sodium or low-fat food. 


Technology is one of the things we can live without and it makes our lives easier in many ways. Always buy new machines with new technology.

Never buy second-hand machines as they can bring you in a problem anytime. You may feel new machines heavy on your pockets but you can recover them in the long run. Some of the machines with new technology are automatic drip coffee makers, espresso machines, freezers, containers, pumps, ovens, CCTV set up, billing software, T. V, glow, signboard, water purifiers, inverters, air conditioner and don’t forget about fire extinguisher. 


You should always hire an experienced chef. He is the one who’ll design and make your food presentable which will be appreciated by customers. 

You should train your staff regarding their job. There are 3 types of staffing:

1) Kitchen staff which includes cook, helpers in the kitchen. 

2) Service staff includes waiters, housekeeping staff. They should be well trained and should be good in communication. These staffs have to directly communicate with the customers. They should be polite and patient too handle the customers. 

3) Management staff includes manager, chef, cashier, etc. These people should be well educated and experienced. 


Running a Cafe evaluating costs is very important. Everything should be planned carefully. 

1) Food costs: Cost of raw material used in preparing a dish. Labour cost is also included in food cost. 

2) Overhead cost is costs not related to food. 

3) Rent: Rent depends according to the location of your Cafe. The rent should be 10% to 12% of your total revenue. 

4) License: one of the essential expenses of obtaining the license that is required. License fees may vary from place to place. But these licenses cannot be ignored. 

5) Interiors: Interiors can be decided based on your concept, theme, and budget. The satisfaction of the customer in Cafe is not just dependent on food but also on the environment.

6) Decor: The colours, lighting, music, scents, furniture, sofa shelves all are important in making your customers relax and spend more time in your Cafe. 

7) Marketing: Again marketing is important for any start-up business. Marketing is necessary so that more people can know about your Cafe. Advertising, verbal marketing, should be done along with digital marketing. Online and offline marketing should be done together. 

8) Insurance: There are chances of accidents to happen in spite of being careful. And if you are not insured you may have to bear a heavy loss. People come to enjoy, relax, have soothing beverages and take pictures. So it’s worth protecting. To ensure your property and your staff too.


You have already dreamt of opening a Cafe give your 100%. Before you are the owner of the Cafe always pretend you are a waiter of the place, take the order, feedbacks serve the food, communicate to customers personally. Even your staff will be motivated. The cafe is a business so you need to get disappointed when you don’t earn profit in the first few months. Have patience and your efforts will run your Cafe successfully. Hope this will help you a lot.

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