Shop & Establishments

Package Inclusive:

  • Collection of Required Documents

  • Drafting of Application

  • Filing of Application of Shop & Establishment

  • Sharing Registration Certificate

The Shop and Establishment Act differs from state to state. It has been formed for regulating the working conditions, rules and records of employees working in a shop and commercial establishments. Shop and Establishment Act is covered under state legislation, each state has framed its own rules and regulations for the same.

Establishment Act is governed by labor department of the state and generally registration application has to be submitted to local district labor officer. Within 30 days from the date of commencement of establishment in prescribed form along with prescribed fees establishment covered under the Act must apply for registration.

Benefits of Shop & Establishments

  • The main objective of the act is to protect the rights of both employee and employer.
  • It will secure uniform benefits for employees working in different establishments.
  • It has been made mandatory by the law makers for the establishment to ensure adequate arrangements are made for the health and safety of workers.
  • It not only regulates the functioning of commercial establishments, but also societies, charitable trusts, educational institutions etc.

A Shop & Establishment registration with the help of G K Legal Solutions can be done within 5-6 working days depends only on subject to client document submission and government processing time.

Documents required for Shop & Establishments Registration

  • Name and address of the establishment
  • Address proof
  • Details of the employees, their wages rates and the company
  • List of management employees and directors if applicable
  • Affidavit to be shared with the applicant
  • Sale deed or rent agreement